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Either way, we guarantee you’ll be surfing by the end of the first surf lessons, especially because you’ll be doing it with friends. Three people will be getting surf lessons with this option. No matter the skill level of any participant, your surf lesson will be adjusted to accommodate everyone and make sure instruction is accordingly. Our surf instructors are all Bronze Cross, First Aid, & CPR C certified. We teach and train instructors in accordance to BCASI regulations, and your safety is our number one priority (with your fun being a close second!).

UP2U Surf School Bali puts safety first with our beginner surf lessons in Bali! We are dedicated to delivering you great customer service at a very affordable price. At Pacific Surf School, there’s nothing we love more than sharing the joy of surfing with everyone. That’s why we provide adaptive surf lessons for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. Our highly qualified instructors guide and assist students through each lesson while maintaining a fun and safe experience for everyone. Learning to surf doesn’t stop after your first lesson.


Our family got our very first real surfing experience in Bali with Malibu surf school, namely with our instructor Riki and I must say it was fabulous. Thanks to Malibu surf school now we realize what a real surfing is, so next time we’ll definitely will take a beginner’s course, not just have couple of hours training. Anyway, we wish Malibu surf school all the best and hope to come back soon. Malibu Surf School Bali offers surf lessons for beginners , intermediate & advanced surfer who want to go one step further and refine their technique & style . My 8 year old daughter did their surf camp this summer and it was great.

We caught lots of waves and had a memorable experience. Take a lesson with one of the best in the world, Bud Freitas. These lessons are for bringing your surfing to a new level with a world famous professional surfer.

Baja California Surfing

Alright, it is time to start surfing green waves and take a big step in your surfing career. At our surf school, we are always ready to receive and teach everyone, from little kids and women to those young at heart who have never realized their dream of riding a wave. Try our Surf Lessons in Punta Mita – perfect for intermediate and advanced surf levels. Surf lessons in Sayulita are suited for beginners and advanced beginners only. Our island concierge is located right at the Rincón Surf School & Resort and is here to help you create an unforgettable experience while in Puerto Rico. Begin planning Surf Lessons Los Angeles , or book your surf and lodging with us now and stop by the Rincón Vacations desk upon arrival.


We’ll provide the right level of challenge to help you brush up on your skills to catch green waves & give you advices to take you to the next level. Our professional instructor will explain you all techniques so you can stand up easily & safely. Discover the excitement and adventure of the ocean as you learn to surf with San Diego Surf School! Experience the socal lifestyle with a 5 day, 3 day, 1 day or weekend surf retreat. Enjoy the surfing lifestyle as you surf the pacific ocean and embrace the San Diego beach culture.

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