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A REIT is an entity that owns and operates income-producing real estate and distributes the income to investors. REITs pool the capital of numerous investors to purchase a portfolio of properties which the typical investor might not be able to buy individually. To qualify as a REIT, a company must have most of its assets and income tied to a real estate investment and must distribute at least 90% of its taxable income to shareholders annually in the form of dividends. Investors depend on the sale of properties or listing for the return of their principal. In general, financial products or investment opportunities should be considered especially risky if they are complex, illiquid, opaque, speculative, or offered outside the bounds of a registered brokerage firm.

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You can also search online with a service by FINRA, called “Broker Check.” that will allow you to search broker-dealers and stockbrokers. With over 50 years of experience and millions recovered, our investment fraud lawyers fight aggressively to recover losses for investors. The only thing worse than losing investment money is not recovering money when you could have recovered funds. The right investment fraud lawyer will take fast legal action that includes FINRA Arbitrationor filing complaints withFINRAandSEC.

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The broker-dealer is supposed to be supervising the trading activity of the financial advisor to identify actively traded accounts. If it were, a financial advisor could churn with impunity up to the gains of the portfolio. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority prohibits the practice of churning and provides a securities arbitration process through which investors can seek to recover losses and illicit commissions. Investors can file anarbitration claim or request mediationthrough FINRA when they have a dispute involving the business activities of a brokerage firm or one if its brokers. To be considered, the alleged act resulting in a claim must have taken place within the past six years. Arbitration can be a faster, cheaper and a less complex option to recover money rather than going to court.

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There are several ways irresponsible broker behavior can expose customers to unnecessary risks. FINRA’s BrokerCheck shows complaints and disciplinary actions filed against brokers or firms. When brokers manage assets of $100 million or more, national organizations like the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA get involved. Brokers and firms are also regulated by many federal and state laws. Unfortunately, suffered losses in Kiromic BioPharma stock and fraud happen every day in the financial world. The following are signs your broker may not be totally on the up and up.

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Investment fraud schemes are often characterized by offers of guaranteed returns and low- to no-risk investments. When you lose money at the hands of a brokerage firm you entrusted with your investments, you need an attorney who knows how to handle investment fraud and can help you get your money back. Helping You Get Through a Complicated ProcessSecurities fraud cases are extremely complex and require experienced lawyers with special skills to navigate the process. Securities fraud, in its most basic form, happens when the public is misled into buying a security based on inaccurate information about a company and its operations, financial condition, or future earnings potential. In other cases, corporate misconduct, such as improper behavior by management or misstatements of earnings, may come into play.

The team of legal professionals at the Law Office of Russell Forkey will not let that happen to you. Author, Lecturer, and AdvocateScott lectures at law schools, industry conferences, and investor rights groups around the country. He has authored numerous articles about investors and the arbitration process, and he is a regular commentator in leading publications, including a widely-accepted primer on the SEC’s new Whistleblower program. The typical securities class action takes approximately two to three years from when the initial complaint is filed until the case concludes either with settlement funds distributed to stockholders, or by judgment or dismissal. This, however, is only an estimate; some cases have taken longer, especially when there are appeals, while others have taken significantly less time to resolve.

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